Welcome to Ms. Lavinia Vale

Lavinia Vale posed with a red rose leather riding crop in her teeth, dressed in a sheer lace bra and mesh underbust corset.
Lavinia Vale, October 2020 (C) KZ Entertainment Photography

Lavinia Vale is a multi-talented, multi-faceted entertainer and performer. New to the burlesque scene, Lavinia has a strong background in theatre and film acting, classical singing, and voice-over work. After meeting Vixen DeVille and studying with her, Lavinia has also added fire eating, glass walking, and fire fans to her ever-expanding repertoire.

Lavinia’s debut performance, “Handmaid’s Tale,” premiered November 12, 2020, via the livestream 15th Anniversary show of Vixen DeVille. Since, she has been developing several different acts, including a fire act. Debuting during the time of a global pandemic has given Lavinia the ability to explore unique and creative options for filming and live performances, providing unique story opportunities and choices.

“Do you want to save your soul…?” Song: Superhero by Johnny Hollow